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Marcia Mcleod

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Co founder

Marcia McLeod is an inspirational speaker and life coach who works with people, particularly women, to find their inner gems that will help them live the life of their dreams. Marcia is the creator of the Powerful Purpose Philosophy™️, a life-changing self-development program. The Powerful Purpose Philosophy™️ was developed following years of finding herself emotionally, mentally, and physically stuck, and after embarking on a mission to uncover the deep-rooted source of her insecure, negative, and self-limiting beliefs.

While born in London, UK, Marcia now resides in the UAE and helps women globally discover their purpose. With over 15 years of experience in education, Marcia equips women with tools that help them realise their own amazing story of self-discovery, and cultivate empowerment for their greater good.

Co-founder and co-host of Mind Over Matter Talks, a weekly podcast which focuses on mental health while challenging some of the taboos within the black community.

Marcia is also an author, mentor and mother to three amazing children.

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