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Diana Powell

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Co - founder

A passionate advocate of inclusive entrepreneurship within the African Diaspora. Diana is an International Development Consultant and business woman born in London, UK, lived and worked within Saudi Arabia, and now resides in the UAE. With over 20 years experience in education, youth, business and community development both within the UK, Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean, Diana has supported hundreds to realise their passions and aspirations. As the founder and former CEO of the Global Institute for Entrepreneurship, Diana has provided consultative support and training for a number of UK private, local and central government organizations, as well as international agencies located within the UK. With her extensive knowledge in supporting and developing social enterprises and businesses primarily targeting African and Caribbean communities, Diana has developed a number of programmes specifically for this group including developing community projects, and supporting groups to access funding in order to develop a number heritage and social business initiatives. Diana is also a presenter (Ari Ma’at) on GKTV, “Black Group Economic Show” showcasing and interviewing Black Entrepreneurs, alongside conversations on topical business current affairs affecting black communities. Diana has participated in a number of events including the World Entrepreneurship Forums and African and Arabian International Women Business Conferences.

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