Black Economic Collective EMEA (BEC) is a solution-based business networking initiative based in Dubai, UAE, founded by the desire to see equitable economic change within our communities. BEC was  created to facilitate and support the growth of like-minded business men and women of the Black African Diaspora located primarily within the EMEA regions (Europe, Middle East and Africa)  who share the vision of BEC. 


BEC was launched in June 2020,  as a direct response to the global protest, highlighting the realities of the systematic racism and disparity experienced by black communities on a worldwide scale. We see ourselves as facilitators focused on cultivating meaningful solutions based approaches to promoting equality, and a more equitable economy. We believe that the nurturing of black businesses must be part of the solution that nurtures financial growth, job creation, community development, and empowerment of black communities.

'Our aspiration is to do the work we have divinely been placed on this Earth to execute, which is to bridge the huge economic gap that has existed for far too long'. 

BEC Co Founders Diana, Marcia & Kai 

Our Ethos

 Buy black, hire black, support black.


Our Vision

Our vision is to create a collective economic ecosystem that will embody our long-term commitment to ensure the collective economic success of our membership now and generations to come.

Our Mission

To foster sustainable economic development to create a foundation that unifies, educates, enables, and elevates economic prosperity for our membership consisting of Black African Diaspora businesses and entrepreneurs.


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